Consumer Product Brochure
The Brief

Sakura of America needed a brochure to explain its product offerings to the consumer market.  As they are traditionally a distributor, they had not previously developed any marketing materials for direct consumers.


Their requirements were to show a range of product offerings, explain their uses, and tie it to an overarching message of empowering people with the "Power to Express" themselves creatively with their art tools.  Additionally, the brochure needed to address a wider set of Sakura's audience, most notably crafters, students, commercial artists, painters, and makers.

The Approach

Creativity is a messy and imperfect process. It's what makes it wonderful and terrible at the same time. I worked to de-emphasize the "terrible" part and hint more at the "wonderful" aspect when I established the art direction for the brochure. I wanted to include imperfect hand-sketched pieces, to show the ideas of the types of marks that you can creatively make with Sakura products.


Of course, you can't be too messy, otherwise you can't read the brochure.  It was an ongoing challenge to balance out a look of "messy creativity" with clean and clear copy layout.

The Results

Sakura of America continues to use this brochure layout (with some product and copy revisions) as a handout to their direct consumers today.

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