New X-Men
Digital Coloring
The Story

I had the opportunity to work with Udon Entertainment and Marvel Comics in providing digital coloring services for the New X-Men comic series.


All I have to say is, "Leaves are my friends." Also, it wasn't until I worked on this issue that I found out that Jean Grey had passed on, and now Cyclops and Emma Frost are an item! (Once a comic nerd, always a comic nerd...)



I had a great collaborative team for this project. There are not many people you can stay up all night with for consecutive days in a row and still have a good time. Without further ado, THANK YOU to:


  • Erik Ko
  • Jeannie Lee
  • Long Vo


I suppose one of the best things about coloring comics are those moments of friendship that can only be experienced when you're all operating under the same haze of delusion.



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