Manga Start
Instructional Booklets & Lesson Plans
The Background

Manga (pronounced "mon-gah") is the Japanese word for "comics." In the late 1990's, it exploded as a publishing category within the U.S. comics and book industry. It seemed everyone and their brother was jumping on the manga bandwagon, to translate/publish it and teach others how to draw it.


As a largely self-taught manga/comic professional, I was inspired to put my own mark on the the "How to Draw Manga" space by creating affordable and accessible lessons and workbooks. These lessons are based on what I have personally learned throughout my professional art journey:


  • Manga and cartooning art styles are based upon realistic proportions
  • The more you practice and study realism, the better that you can abstract manga style
  • Just keep going forward, one line at a time! It will keep adding up


I saw a lot of "How to Draw Manga" books that purely taught the cartooning style, so I just felt it was important to interject more of a traditional art foundation in an effort to better educate the public. Also, this would be a message that art educators could accept, so that they could encourage their students to draw manga rather than dismiss it as an art fad that they didn't understand.


Rather than turn it into a business model, my interests are in giving back to the community at large and provide affordable and accessible lessons about drawing manga.

The Results

Manga Start is sponsored by Sakura of America and has partnered with Canson Papers.  Together, we have produced the following:


  • 4 Instructional Workbooks
  • 4 Lesson Plans
  • 3 Manga Art Drawing Templates
  • 3 Instructional Videos


I continue to speak and demonstrate on behalf of Manga Start at conferences such as the National Art Educators Association.


A very special THANK YOU goes out to these artists:


  • Christian "Ian" Sy
  • Karen Luk
  • Jeannie Lee
  • Ben Seto


They also contributed to Manga Start out of the goodness of their hearts, and I could not have done this without them!

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