Hackathon 4 Event Brand & Marketing
The Background

As a part of Symantec eCommerce culture, the team hosted several internal "Hackathon" events, designed to encourage a culture of collaboration, communication, and friendly competition, so that people could get out of their work silos and realize that we can get so much more done if we would just talk directly to each other!  By the fourth Hackathon, we began to invite groups outside of eCommerce.

The Approach & Process

In developing the brand event, my approach was to create mascots for all teams invited. It would be something like a sporting event, where everyone would get to rally behind their mascot.


I always look forward to using my storytelling/sequential art background for any projects, so I carefully considered each team and wrote a background description for each mascot to explain why this was chosen.


As for the actual graphics production process, I created the Hackathon 4 logo and established the art direction and style guide.  I was able to secure some resources from the design team, but the majority of the graphics production was executed on my own due to time constraints.

The Results

Hackathon 4 was a success in putting eCommerce on the map as a collaborative team within Symantec. The event opened a lot of conversations that may not have otherwise happened.


Personally, I really enjoyed the break from my day-to-day marketing program duties in hopes to inspire company culture with my animal drawings...



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