GigaFin Networks
Company Branding & Creative Direction
The Brief

GigaFin Networks was a start-up company that developed and manufactured a network box to throttle traffic in the LAN. Their value propositions were:


  • A purpose-built proprietary security microchip
  • Ease-of-use in setup, network integration, device management
  • Low-cost of entry
  • Optimal performance for small organizations who did not necessarily need a full-featured enterprise security solution (e.g. as school campuses and internet cafés)


These value propositions were to be clearly communicated in order to attract customers, channel partners, and establish credibility as a serious player in the security space.


Marketing brand collateral included a customer-facing website, channel partner portal website, product sell sheets, and tradeshow presence at RSA and Interop Las Vegas.

The Process

For the website, I managed a team of designers and developers, and completed an end-to-end process of launching a content management system-based site in an aggressive timeframe of 10 weeks.  This would allow for marketing staff to make content changes without tying up a web developer and design resource.


In developing the GigaFin brand, I listened to the various teams about the GigaFin products, and it only seemed natural to embody the brand into a shark mascot who actively performed all of the value propositions within any given network. (This is definitely where a background as a sequential artist/character designer comes in handy!)


I was constantly learning and collaborating with the teams. Through this experience I learned a huge lesson of shedding an artist's ego in favor of group collaboration, in order to achieve a greater work than I could ever have imagined on my own.

The Business Results

The GigaFin brand presentation was key in securing channel partnerships in Canada and APAC.  Our Japan partner particularly enjoyed leveraging much of the brand and exhibit tradeshow work, in order to create excitement amongst their own customers.


GigaFin became a strong brand presence within its target IT market in Korea, and lasted for several years.  Channel partners reported that it became difficult to discontinue selling the products due to the customer brand loyalty.

The Shark Lives On

Although it was a truly amazing experience to work at GigaFin Networks, they closed their doors in 2008 (but the products lasted in Korea for several years after that).


However, Giffan the Gigashark will continue to live in our hearts and minds, remediating, optimimizing and throttling packets of data wherever he goes.  He could be swimming in your LAN as we speak...



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