Shmoo: Digital Coloring
The Story & Process Dark Horse Comics gave me the opportunity to handle the digital coloring for their project, "Al Capp's Shmoo." It was very unique in that they found all the original comics, put them through a process where they bleached the pages and scanned them in. My team and I then referenced the original comics and colored the pages digitally. Working on this was like climbing into a time machine; it was quite interesting reading the stories written back then!!!

I was able to organize this project a lot more efficiently than the New X-Men project, so delirious all-nighters were not quite as necessary :) THANK YOU to my great team:


  • Jeannie Lee
  • Khoi Pham
  • Christian "Ian" Sy
  • Elda Thé
  • Long Vo
  • Monique Vu


Also, many kudos to Philip Simon, Dan Jackson and the entire Dark Horse team, they are awesome people and truly fantastic to work with!

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