Costco Roadshow Display & Marketing Collateral
The Brief

Costco Photo partnered with YesVideo on a "roadshow" test to boost retail sales for their Home Video Transfer service. This test would run in select Costco retail stores, and sales performance would be the success metric.


The requirement for the roadshow collateral was that it be clear, uncluttered messaging that would be visible from a long distance.  Additionally, as this was a retail test, budget constraints were in place, and we were limited to printing a table banner, stand-up banner, and promotional flyer.


If you have ever been in a Costco or warehouse-style shopping facility, you'll know that visually competing in that environment is quite the challenge.

The Results

The test buildings reported a +40% lift in sales (in comparison to other competitors), and YesVideo and Costco reported this as a success.  Three months later, Costco continued to report a sustained sales lift from the initial roadshow test.


The next steps were to roll out the program to 25% of other Costco stores nationwide in the following months.



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