Tea Club
The Story

OK, there are actually no pandas here.  But there is a bear!


Tea Club is my original comic that began on the web in November 2001. It went on to be published and distributed in the U.S.A. from 2003-2004.  I self-published a collected volume of most of the stories (and you can buy it here if you like!).


The story revolves around Hana Neko, who is a college-age girl of the Felin race (aka cat girl).  She is passionate about tea, as it's been a comforting staple all her life.  She is very excited to join the Tea Club at college, but all she finds is the president, Mr. Bear.  What happens next?!


It has been several years (OK, about a decade) since I stopped drawing Tea Club. I loved working on it, but the reality is that creator-owned comics are a very challenging endeavor. However, I did learn a lot from working on it, and I do have plans to eventually go back to it.  It's all a matter of priority...someday...

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