First St. Panda Café & Bakery - San Jose, CA Mural


The Story

On First Street in downtown San Jose, CA, there was a panda mural commissioned to Paul Gonzales by the San Jose Downtown Association (SJDA). As the years went by, it fell into disarray and the maintaining it evolved into a new panda mural project altogether.  But where could the SJDA find a panda artist, let alone in San Jose?!


All kidding aside, I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with Jason Su and SJDA, to create the First Street Panda Café & Bakery Mural as part of their Street Art Program.  I began the mural proposals in October 2014, started paint production in November 2014, and completed the 200'-long mural in February 2015.  (I am still blogging about the process here.)


I am very proud to call this mural my contemporary masterpiece. Of course, I could not have done it without amazing support and assistance.  I wholeheartedly thank my assistants for all their hard work and flexibility in working with me:


  • Jocko Giacomelli
  • Amenda Hing
  • Melissa Le
  • Melissa Song
  • Jimmy Tran
  • Catherine Vasper
  • Jen Yuen


Many props also go to Adrian, Martina, and Allison from Sherwin Williams Paint at the Alameda Street San Jose store!  They are super-friendly, knowledgeable, and come highly recommended :)


I also would like to acknowledge Jason Su, Eric Hon and the San Jose Downtown Association for being fantastic people to work with.

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