17 + Years of Pandas & More
by P.M.B.Q. Studios
The Story

People are always asking me, "Why Pandas?"  The truth is that they chose me.  I always thought that I was going to be a comic/manga artist, but my art specialty has evolved to be panda art.


I first saw live pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo in 1999.  That day, they were unusually active, wrestling with each other and rolling around on the grass.  Words don't do the experience justice of how adorably captivating it all was.


From that point on, it was clear: I HAD TO SAVE THE PANDAS.  I bought panda merchandise that I could afford, because it was clear that this was a necessary cause.


I suspect that the whole spirit of "OMG I LOVE PANDAS" is always present when I am drawing pandas, as it's often the response I get when people see my work on art posters or t-shirts.


The way I see it, why fight the universe?  Enjoy the pandas :)


I am very honored to be a Partner in Conservation with the World Wildlife Fund, and I donate 10% of my panda art sales out of respect to my animal inspiration.

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