PandaMillionaire - Art & Blog Project
The Story

I started the PandaMillionaire.com blog project in 2012.  This website is the manifestation of my long-term life goal, which is to earn $1 Million Dollars through a mix of drawing panda art, giving, and receiving.  I chose the $1 Million amount, just because it's a decent measure, and my reasons for wanting it are so that I can have it to provide to those who need it.


It's also been something of my experiment to the universe.  In the past I was experimenting in writing reviews for local businesses and summarizing philanthropic activities, just to see how the universe would respond to me.


It has been extremely helpful in being a creative outlet when my life was challenging or when I didn't have a professional creative outlet.


For accountability's sake, since starting the project I have yet to go a full year of drawing a panda every day.  However, in 2015 I am determined to break the cycle and actually complete all 365 drawings.  (So far I'm on track!)


Another accountability thing...I have been posting the daily paintings regularly on my Instagram feed, but the actual blog itself is a few months behind.  I'll be catching up very soon!!

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